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The Wild for Wilderness 2023 Event is hosted and managed by PR Studio Pty Ltd trading as Pony Rider (ABN 16 606 234 628) of 10 Roberston Road, Newport NSW 2106.

PR Studio Pty Ltd trading as Pony Rider is an Australian Private Company operating in Australia. The following conditions are both for sale (including any resale or subsequent assignment), entry and attendance at the Event.

By purchasing tickets for the Event, the ticket buyer agrees to these ticket and event terms and conditions. For any inquiries contact the Event organiser at info@wildforwilderness.com.

Some ticket types may require adherence to specific guidelines that are published on the event website from time to time. You must ensure that you meet such guidelines.


Unless stated otherwise, the following definitions will apply:
1. ‘Agreement/agreement’ means these terms and conditions, Code of Conduct and any other conditions specified by us on our website and booking forms.
2. ‘Code of Conduct’ means the set of responsibilities, proper practices and behaviours expected of all individuals attending the Event. The Code of Conduct can be found over here.
3. ‘Event’ means the Wild For Wilderness 2023 event which will be held from 9:00 am on 4 November 2023 until 1:00 pm 5 November 2023 at Glenworth Valley.
4. ‘Event organiser’ refers to PR Studio Pty Ltd trading as Pony Rider, its employees, contractors, volunteers, and authorised persons.
5. ‘We’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘Wild For Wilderness’ refers to PR Studio Pty Ltd trading as Pony Rider, its employees, contractors, volunteers and authorised persons.
6. ‘You’ and ‘your’ refers to the customer/individual attending the meeting.


Arrival time for the Event is 9:00am on the 4th November 2023. You will not be admitted to the Event if you arrive at or after 12 pm on 4 November 2023 and you will not be entitled to any refund.

Departure is 1:00 p.m. on Sunday 5th November 2023. On departure from the venue please make sure all your belongings, camping equipment and vehicles are removed. Leave no trace and please pick up your rubbish and place it in a nearby rubbish bin.


When making a booking for the Event, you can purchase:
a. A Van Package ticket which gives you a van site and is included in the $150 price; and/or;
b. A Clamp Tent package which is available at an additional cost of $150 per ticket.
All bookings must be made via Humanitix and ticket purchases are only transferable via Humanitix.

The ability to reissue (change the name on your ticket) may be available for a nominated fee per ticket, however these services are at the discretion of the Event organiser and may be subject to change. To check if this service is available, contact the Event organiser.

Should ticket reissues be available, they will conclude up to 48 hours prior to the gate opening time unless otherwise specified by the Event organiser. The new attendees name, email and date of birth may be required when reissuing a ticket.

There will be a maximum of One (1) reissue permitted per ticket unless otherwise specified.

Tickets purchased through Humanitix are distributed via email prior to the Event. The Humanitix platform provides an opportunity for you to provide your email address and we will deliver your ticket to that email address.

Unless stated otherwise on the ticket(s), you are not required to print your ticket(s) you can present the electronic PDF version of the ticket to be scanned directly from your mobile or tablet device.

If you have not received your tickets within 48 hours of the booking, click the ‘Contact Host’ button on the event page of Humanitix, select “Can’t find my ticket/invoice” and fill out the form. We’ll automatically resend the tickets if we can find your order.

For full conditions of Humanitix terms of use click here. It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to not share the digital ticket as multiple copies of the same ticket will not be accepted, and you may be refused entry if the ticket has already been used.

If you are making a group purchase, then as the ticket purchaser you are responsible for communicating all the information to the other members of your group.


On the day of the Event, you will be issued a wristband in exchange of your valid ticket at the gate. You must always wear your wristband at all times during the Event.

If you lose your wristband, then please contact us immediately for a replacement. If you are found without a wristband, then you may be asked to leave the Event.

Stretched or damaged wristbands will not be replaced.

Anyone found on site without a valid wristband or accreditation (in case of a worker or a third-party supplier) would be deemed as trespassing and will face persecution from NSW police.


Ticket purchase includes, but not limited to – Donation to the W4W Land Buy Back, Van Site, Festival Entry, Bands + Films, and some free onsite activities plus a merchandise pack.


When you arrive at the event, you will be provided with a merchandise pack which consists of the following goods:

1 x Wild for Wilderness Event Tote,
1 x Wild Event Trucker Cap,
1 x National Project Bumper Sticker,
1 x Stone and Wood Stubby Holder and
1 x Stone and Wood Bottle Opener.

Your merchandise pack will not be provided if you don’t attend the Event unless a valid reason such as hospitalisation, family death or sudden illness, is provided to the Event organiser. The Event organiser may demand further information or documentation from you, and you must provide them to the Event organiser. If the decision is overturned $10 postage fee will be incurred to send out the Merchandise Pack.


There will be one large self-serve water station, made available by Monster Children, to refill water bottles. Two amenities block with shower for male and female will be available on site. These blocks are maintained and operated by third parties.

Tent accommodation will be available to purchase if you don’t have a van.

Additional activities provided by Glenworth valley are not included in the ticket price and are advised to be pre purchased, i.e., Horse riding, Abseiling, Canoeing and Quad Bike riding. We also advise to book them between 9am-12 noon, so you don’t miss out on the festival activities from midday.


We reserve the right to add, withdraw, reschedule, or substitute artists and/or vary advertised programs, prices, venues, and audience capacity.

We reserve the right at any time to change the venue of the Event. In the event of a change in venue, we will publish details on the Wild for Wilderness website.


The right of admission is reserved and is subject to the Event organiser and the venue’s terms of admission, available online from Glenworth Valley Terms.

The Event is open to 18 years + in accord with the Liquor Act 2007 (NSW) (Liquor Licence Number LIQO660035860). Photo ID is required for age and name verification and for entry by e-ticket holders or on-demand. Any minor under 18 cannot enter in accord with the Liquor Act 2007 (NSW).

It is a condition of entry to the Event that a search of your person and/or your possessions and motor vehicle be required at the time of entry to the venue.

GLASS, ALCOHOL, WEAPONS, ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES or any item the Event organisers consider may be used in an illegal or offensive manner may be confiscated.

Refusal to consent to a search WILL prevent entry to the Event, without refund. All bags/containers will be subject to a full search. The festival is licensed – do not bring alcohol with you – any prohibited items found will be confiscated and not returned.

Entry is at own risk and the right to refuse entry is reserved. The promoter or venue shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or damages sustained entering on the site – to the extent allowed by the law.

Entry may be refused if tickets are not purchased through an authorised point of sale. Do not share your ticket; it may prevent entry. The Event organiser reserves the right to deny admission to the Event to any person holding a ticket that appears to have been tampered with, counterfeited, or duplicated.

Entry may be refused if the ticket buyer does not obey all government regulations regarding the event.


Wild For Wilderness is a celebration of Van Life culture, where adventurers, professional weekenders and outdoor enthusiasts meet to chill, raise money for a great cause and so good humour and respect are essential and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

You must ensure that you and your invitees act in an orderly manner and adhere to the Code of Conduct when attending the Event. We may refuse entry or evict you or any of your invitees if they are behaving in an intoxicated, disorderly, offensive, threatening, or inappropriate manner, towards any person.

Footwear must be worn at all times on the site. Animals are not permitted, except in accordance with legislation. Fires and fireworks are not permitted.


Pony Rider cares for the environment and community. Please be respectful and place any litter in the recycle or other bins provided around the venue. Be waste and water-wise – thank you.

Please respect our town, neighbourhood and neighbours and do not create excessive noise or litter while travelling to and from the Event.


Audio or visual recordings of the Event and performers or artists at the Event are prohibited. Still cameras are permitted but images may be used for private purposes only, and not for commercial use.


The whole venue is a GLASS FREE ZONE and no glass shall be brought into any part of the venue including the car parks and camping. Please do not bring glass into the Event, broken glass and festivals do not mix.

You must not possess, distribute, consume, or otherwise deal with illegal substances during the Event. If you are found possessing, distributing, consuming, or dealing with illegal substances then you would be asked to leave the Event immediately and you will not be entitled to a refund.


Any patron wishing to consume alcohol must have a photographic ID. We reserve the right to evict patrons who disobey or break Responsible Service of Alcohol legislation and the law.

Anyone found supplying or buying alcohol for a minor will be evicted from the Event and may face criminal charges. Anyone found supplying or consuming illicit drugs will be evicted from the premises and may face criminal charges.

Certain areas within the Event venue are smoke-free zones. Smoking will not be permitted within the vehicle areas, tents or within 10 metres of food venues and dining areas.

Sealed plastic water bottles are permitted to be brought into the Event. The contents of any opened plastic water bottles will not be permitted to the Event. Other drinks will not be permitted to be brought into the Event, even if sealed.


Access to the creek may be possible from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Inflatable games are prohibited after 7 p.m. (total ban on accessing them under risk of immediate expulsion). Swimming and participating in water activities is at the patron's own risk. There will be no lifeguards on duty.


The event is for Vans 20 feet and under and will be guided to an allocated van site. First in first allocated. Trailers, RVs, modified buses and tents are not permitted due to size.

Please do not bring an extra-large vehicle. You will be refused entry to camp if you have a vehicle larger than the size restrictions noted when booking.

No group parties will be allowed in the Van or Camping area. Breach of this condition WILL result in eviction without refund.

Van sites and tents are allocated on arrival. You are not able to save spots for friends. If you wish to park near or camp with friends, you must arrive together.

You do not have an unlimited amount of space for your Van setup, for example, four adults attending in one (1) van with one swag, or a small two-man tent is deemed reasonable. Please contact the event organiser if you are unsure if your tent setup is suitable or visit the Wild for Wilderness website where restrictions are outlined.

You cannot purchase a van / camp site without having an event ticket.

Due to limited access to/from the campground and to avoid traffic congestion vehicles will not be allowed to come and go from the campground. If you need to move your vehicle for any reason you will not be able to bring it back inside the campground.

On departure from the venue please make sure all your belongings, camping equipment and vehicles are removed. We will not be responsible for any loss of belongings if they are left behind.

In the event, you or one of your invitees suffer injury at or fall sick during the Event, then please contact the St Johns Ambulance Team. The St Johns Ambulance Team will be always stationed during the Event.


In conjunction with the FNPW our mission is to raise as many funds as possible to help buyback Australian land to grow our national parks to ensure our ecosystems are protected for generations to come. A percentage of each ticket will be allocated to the buyback scheme and various additional fundraising activities will be held at the event. All Funds raised for The National Project helps buy back land to protect, grow and create new national parks across Australia.


In order to purchase your ticket, we may need to collect and keep personal information about you including your name, address, payment details, telephone number and the names of all ticket allocations. We may also need to disclose your personal information as required by law or as permitted under the Privacy Act.

All attendees consent to be included in photographic, film and other visual and audio recordings of the Event and grant the promoter the right to use such photos and recordings for promotion, marketing, and other purposes in all media in perpetuity without restriction.

You give your express consent to your actual/simulated likeness to be included for no fee within any audio/visual or still recording to be used in any media for any purpose at any time.

Our privacy policy can be found over here.

Humanitix would also collect your personal information when you purchase a ticket through them and share them with us. Humanitix’s privacy policy is located over here.


Trading signs or other signs are not permitted without prior consent of the Event organiser. No ticket holder shall be entitled to do any trading without the written consent of the Event organisers.

Tickets may not, without prior written consent of the event organiser, be resold at a premium or used for advertising, promotion, or other commercial purposes (including competitions or trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods and services. If a ticket is sold or used in breach of this condition the bearer of the ticket will be refused admission.


Wild For Wilderness is grateful for the ongoing cooperation and advice it has received from the NSW government in the planning for a COVID-19 safe event. We continue to work closely with the NSW Department of Health and will keep our patrons informed on a regular basis if any regulations change.

Subscribe to Wild for Wilderness to stay up-to-date and informed on all announcements and information. We recommend also regularly checking your spam folders so as not to miss any important information from Humanitix or Pony Rider.


If you have any concerns about the Event or the way we handle the Event, then please speak with one of our on-site personnel. If your concern has not been adequately addressed or you feel unable to speak to the on-site personnel, then please contact us at info@wildforwilderness.com.


We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the Event for any reason save for the below exception. In the event of the cancellation in advance of the Event, we will provide a full refund.

If the Event is unable to proceed on the advertised date or location due to Government order, Pony Rider reserves the right to reschedule the Event and offer a ticket to the rescheduled event.

In the event of a cancellation or postponement due to unforeseeable circumstances that are beyond our control such as natural disasters, or pandemics, Pony Rider reserves the right to reschedule the Event and offer a ticket to the rescheduled event or provide a full refund.

Failure to notify us of your selection within 28 days of the email being sent will infer that you select to have your tickets exchanged to the rescheduled event.

There will be no refund on any tickets if you decide on the day not to attend or are asked or forced to leave the Event.

A partial or full refund may be granted in the event of death, sudden illness, or hospitalisation. In such cases, upon request by us, you agree to provide further information and documentation to allow us to make a decision.

This is an all-weather event. No refunds will be made if you choose not to attend due to inclement weather.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, we do not accept liability of any nature for the acts, omissions, or default of those providing services in connection with the Event or any liability for any injury, damage, loss, delay, or additional expenses which are incurred at or in association with this Event.

Where legislation implies any condition or warranty which cannot be excluded or modified, that condition or warranty will be deemed to be included in this agreement.

However, our liability for any breach of a condition or warranty will be limited to the cost of the Event ticket.

In no event, will we be liable for any indirect, consequential, exemplary, or special damages.
Admission is at the ticket holders’ own risk.

You acknowledge that neither we nor the venue will be responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to property (including vehicles, personal property such as bags, money, or other personal items) brought to or purchased at the Event by you or your invitees.

You will be liable for any loss or damage caused at the Event by you or your invitees.


Glenworth Valley and Monster Child are third party beneficiaries for the purposes of this Event. If you damage or cause loss to any property belonging to Glenworth Valley or Monster Children then they will have the right to directly pursue you for the loos or damage.

You will be solely responsible for any damage or loss that has been suffered by these third-parties due to your acts or omissions.


This agreement is governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia.

The parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of New South Wales and the Appellate Courts thereof.

If any part of this agreement is severed or is held to be null and void, then that part will be removed from the agreement and the remainder of this agreement will be valid and enforceable.

We may assign, license or sub-contract our rights and obligations under this agreement without your consent.

Any breach of any of these terms and conditions will entitle the Event organisers to evict the ticket holder from the venue and confiscate any ticket or wristband, without refund.

If we choose to waive our rights in a particular instance or regarding a specific term or provision, our rights under this agreement do not change and it shall not be interpreted as a waiver of our right to administer or enforce this agreement.

Pony Rider and the WILD FOR WILDERNESS event is not associated or affiliated with, or sponsored by, Vanlife Pty Ltd, the owner of the VANLIFE trade mark 




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