Organic Pillowcase | Canvas | Stone

Organic Pillowcase | Canvas | Stone

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SKU: PK29005R

It's not white, it's not natural nor is it calico, it has a slight coolness and a mild warmth from the yellow thrown through it. We spent time mastering this colour, it was a passion colour with the true inspiration coming from nature, our greatest teacher and master creator. So enjoy this complex basic, we worked hard to master it.

These organic canvas pillowcases will be your new favourite place to rest. They are soft, super comfy and the perfect addition to any bedding set-up.

GOTS Certified Organic Canvas Stonewashed Bedding Collection - An eco-experience in bedding. Made from finely spun organic cotton canvas, machine washable and super durable.

And just to make sure our collection is as durable as we claim, we've performed 100 washes on it, and can proudly say it’s ready for 100's more!

Come as a set of 2.