Tan cavas robe hanging on burnt orange bedroom wall with two cowboy hats

PR X Sun Ranch Collaboration

Saddle up for adventure! Explore the fusion of style and serenity with Pony Rider x Sun Ranch collaboration in Byron bay Hinterlands. Embark on unforgettable experiences, relax into a world of conscious living in bespoke organic robes, curated interiors, and culinary delights.

Pony Rider X Sun Ranch

Saddle up, fellow adventurers! We're thrilled to unveil our latest venture, a harmonious fusion of style and serenity: the Pony Rider x Sun Ranch collaboration. Blending the laid-back luxury of Byron Bay's hinterland with Pony Rider's ethos of conscious living and timeless design. As co-owner of Sun Ranch, Pony Rider's founder, Kelly Searl, infuses her signature style into every room with our bespoke kimono-style robe.

 Man with jeans and no shirt facing a burnt orange wall with two tan cotton robes and two cowboy hats hanging on it.

Two images first is woman in twenties reading on bed. Bedroom has dark timber clad walls. Second image is male in his 20's on tan beanbag hugging large black dog. Guitar and fireplace in background

Crafted from custom organic canvas and adorned with unique embroidery, these robes seamlessly transition from day to night, embodying the effortless cool of Sun Ranch's California-inspired vibe. Whether you're lounging poolside or exploring the acres of pristine landscape, our robes are your perfect companion.

At Sun Ranch, every detail is designed to ignite your passions and leave an indelible mark on your soul. From curated interiors to inventive culinary experiences, this boutique stay invites you to embrace the magic of nature and community.

close up image of woman holding a whiskey lounging on a cane chair in a tan cotton robe

male in 20's playing harmonica in a mid century lounge are with woman laying across his lap

So, whether you start your day with a salty margarita or a local coffee, know that your Sun Ranch experience is enhanced by the comfort and style of Pony Rider. 

Here's to unforgettable adventures, to the rhythm of nature and the warmth of community. Welcome to the Pony Rider x Sun Ranch experience - where every moment is an adventure waiting to unfold and every stitch tells a story.

Book your stay now at Sun Ranch - your adventure awaits!

Queen Bed with aztec patterned cushion and throw. Room has dark red wall and golden lampshade on left. Room is very moody

20 something male leaning against orange tiled bathroom wall with cowboy had on, jeans, cowboy boots and a dark patterned towel around his shoulders

Woman in 20's laid back on bean bag by outdoor fire pit with sunset in background

Photography by Chris Searl (Co-Owner of Sun Ranch)