Roles & Responsibilities

We're seeking people who are passionate about their communities, homewares, the outdoors and caring for others. We look for candidates with proven customer service experience who thrive in a team-based atmosphere.

Hard-working and customer-oriented, our Shop Assistant ensures the smooth running of in-store retail operations in the spirit of Pony Rider.

The shop assistant's responsibilities include:

  • Welcoming customers to our shop.
  • Monitoring customer activities.
  • Merchandising the store and window displays.
  • Processing customer refunds and vouchers.

You should also have the ability to identify customers' needs and recommend suitable shop items that best support their needs.

To be successful as a shop assistant, you should be well-organised and adept with pricing and labelling equipment. Can manage weekly reports and targets and keep the team informed on what is happening. You are also responsible for proposing the shop buy and have a keen eye on affiliate brands and artists that support our ethos.

Can host and produce monthly in-store events to support the brand ethos of supporting lifestyle. You demonstrate effective communication skills and achieve exceptional customer service at all times. You solve problems creatively, learn on the fly, have a great sense of detail and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

We're looking for someone who builds and maintains relationships with ease and desires to put the customer at the centre of everything they do.

Role Tasks

  • You are passionate about the environment and the outdoors as well as homewares.
  • You engage customers and inspire them to get involved.
  • You use the company's mission and core values as guides for decision making and act as a brand advocate inside and outside.
  • You determine and meet each customer's specific needs with kindness and creativity.
  • You extend invitations for future brand engagement.
  • You handle product returns in the spirit of Pony Rider, and you maintain a positive attitude at all times.
  • You are action-oriented and take the initiative.
  • You support and strive to achieve all store goals.
  • You merchandise the store during downtimes: folding, hanging, steaming and stocking.
  • You value and demonstrate quality in all that you do.
  • You ensure accuracy in all point-of-sale operations.
  • You accurately fulfil online orders and inventory transfers and are careful to avoid errors.
  • You practice security measures that help prevent theft and understand how to handle shoplifters safely.
  • You practice safety consciousness at all times.
  • You are a life-long learner and teacher.
  • You participate in all required training.
  • You aim to teach and learn something every day.

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