35cm Cushions

35cm Cushions


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Lil Ancestors Way Rectangle Cushion Lil Ancestors Way Rectangle Cushion
Lil Ancestors Way Rectangle Cushion
Sale priceFrom $89.00 USD
Lil Highlander Rectangle Cushion | Safari Lil Highlander Rectangle Cushion | Safari
Lil Mya Linen Cushion | Rectangle | Rust/Natural Lil Mya Linen Cushion | Rectangle | Rust/Natural
Lil Highlander Rectangle Cushion | Denim Lil Highlander Rectangle Cushion | Denim
Lil Highlander Rectangle Cushion | Denim
Sale priceFrom $81.00 USD
Ground Up Meditation Cushion | Upcycled Canvas | Natural Ground Up Meditation Cushion | Upcycled Canvas | Natural
Lil Modern Siesta Cushion | Natural / khaki/ tangerine Lil Modern Siesta Cushion | Natural / khaki/ tangerine
National Project Rectangle Cushion | Olive National Project Rectangle Cushion | Olive
National Project Rectangle Cushion | Olive
Sale priceFrom $105.00 USD
Wanderer Cushion Cover | Natural Wanderer Cushion Cover | Natural
Wanderer Cushion Cover | Natural
Sale priceFrom $73.00 USD
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Lil Highlander | Dusty Pink Lil Highlander | Dusty Pink
Lil Highlander | Dusty Pink
Sale priceFrom $68.00 USD
Lil Mountain Linen Cushion | Rectangle | Safari / Oats Lil Mountain Linen Cushion | Rectangle | Safari / Oats
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Lil United Commune Linen Cushion | Rectangle | Safari/Oats Lil United Commune Linen Cushion | Rectangle | Safari/Oats
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Black Forest Rectangle Cushion Black Forest Rectangle Cushion
Black Forest Rectangle Cushion
Sale priceFrom $81.00 USD
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You're Some Kind of Wanderful Rectangle Cushion | Olive You're Some Kind of Wanderful Rectangle Cushion | Olive
Rectangle Feather Cushion Insert
Rectangle Feather Cushion Insert
Sale priceFrom $16.00 USD
Lil Wild Flower Cushion | Light Safari Lil Wild Flower Cushion | Light Safari
Lil You're Wanderful Cushion | Denim Lil You're Wanderful Cushion | Denim
Lil You're Wanderful Cushion | Denim
Sale priceFrom $102.00 USD

Cushions to Revamp your Room

Cushions are a soft and padded accessory, essential to provide comfort and a cosy touch to any space. At home, you'll always want to keep one close!

Here at Pony Rider every product is an individual creation, that is hand designed in Australia with a story all its own. Our colours and textures are thoughtfully crafted and created to not only mix-and-match with each other, but also complement our bedding sets, blanket sets and throws range.


Decorative cushions are consciously created to inspire you and add style and personality and are available in different sizes, patterns and solid designs.

Floor cushions that are perfect for creating a casual, relaxed and inviting seating area whether indoors or outdoors. Our floor cushions are used as outdoor cushions, yoga bolsters, meditation cushions or as a cushion pad.

Seat cushions are designed to be used on sofas, chairs and bedrooms to provide support as well as elevate the aesthetics of any space. Our range of seat cushions  includes bench and outdoor cushions as well as ottomans and more

Bean Bags are a relaxed and comfortable seating option for any area. Our range of Bean Bags is made from durable and comfy canvas, ideal for the kids and family to enjoy.


35cm Cushions are compact cushions perfect for adding a decorative touch to smaller seating areas or as accents on beds. The versatility of 35cm cushions allows you to easily arrange them to create visually appealing cushion displays.

45cm Cushions are medium sized cushions that strike a balance between comfort and space. It’s not surprising that 45cm cushions work well on sofas, chairs, or even outdoor furniture to create a cosy spot to relax and enjoy a cuppa or watch your favourite show!

55cm Cushions have a generous size that is great for larger sofas and lounge areas. Most importantly 55cm cushions offers extra support for extended sitting sessions.

90cm x 48cm Cushions are designed to give the finishing touch to any cushion display you've created with other type of cushions. Also known as lumbar cushions or oblong cushions, 90 x 48cm cushions are extra comfy and can nicely break the pattern of square cushions.

60cm Cushions offer a square shape that can be used as floor, seating or decorative cushions. Perfect as a signature piece for a room, 60cm cushions are perfect for your living space.


Whatever your style or occasion we’ve got you covered. So get adventurous and mix up your house with a consciously designed Pony Rider cushion.


Delivery Australia wide available, including free delivery for orders over $250!


Our Cushion Covers mix and match with each other but also complement our bedding, blankets, and throws sets.

Additionally our feather cushion inserts perfectly match any cushion cover we sell.


Our bean bags are a fun and casual sitting option that can be moved anywhere inside or even used as outdoor cushions! Once you try one you'll question why you didn't add it to your wishlist sooner!


We get asked about home decor all the time. Here's some common questions that might help you

How to Choose Cushions?

Your choice will depend if your are using them in your living or in your bedroom, but regardless your goal is to balance aesthetics with practicality. 

Choosing cushions for the living room

For a couch in a smaller room, opt for dimensions smaller than 55cm, like a 45cm or a 35cm cushion that don't overpower the space, and use colours that complement the space's palette to create a sense of harmony. 

For a couch in a larger room, use 60cm behind 55cm square cushions to balance the space

By catering to both style and function, you can give a sense of comfort and aesthetic to your living space.

Choosing cushions for a bedroom

Adding sets of cushions to a bedroom or guest room can elevate it from a spare space to a cosy retreat.

For those with kids, durability might be the primary concern, opting for materials that can withstand spills and stains. In such cases, consider darker colours that can mask wear and tear.

For those who frequently update their home decor, covers in trending patterns can be a cost-effective way to keep up with the latest styles without a complete overhaul.

What Colour Cushions Should I Buy?

Consider the colour palette of the space when selecting the perfect colour for your cushion cover

If you’re trying to get a harmonious look, shop for colours that complement the existing hues in your space. 

If the colour palette of your space features neutral tones, adding bold colours can act as a vibrant accent. Imagine a crisp linen sofa accented by a pop of velvet red or blue cushion—this creates an inviting contrast. 

If you're looking to create a fun atmosphere, seek out patterns and colours that add a visual interest, perfect for a creative workspace or a van.

In modern home styling, minimalist themes often call for muted colours like pastel pinks or earthy greens, allowing for a serene and clean aesthetic.

How do you make cushions look good?

Making your cushions look good is all about placement and styling.

For example you can start with a base cushion like a solid linen one, then layer with an embroidered one for intricacy. Playing with dimensions and shapes can also add depth so consider a rectangle cushion for a contemporary approach.

For outdoor settings, the key to a stunning arrangement is choosing durable yet stylish outdoor covers. Pair them with a throw for chilly evenings and select colours that withstand the test of time under the sun. 

What type of cushions are best?

The 'best' cushion is subjective and varies based on personal needs and style. 

For those who prioritise sustainability and natural materials, linen cushions reign supreme, providing a soft and eco-friendly option. For unmatched support, a feather insert might be your choice, especially in bedrooms or reading nooks where comfort is king. At Pony Rider all our inserts are filled with sustainably sourced feathers.

In terms of design, consider covers that are interchangeable, allowing you to refresh your decorations with the seasons or as your style evolves. A velvet cushion is often the go-to for a luxurious touch, but our signature canvas adds a muted luxury, perfect for modern spaces, while a waffle introduces a quick and easy update with its unique design.

For those with a bustling household, kids-friendly materials are important. Look for covers that are machine washable, and consider sets that include multiple pieces to create a cohesive look while being practical.

What is the best material for cushions?

The best material depends on the application. Linen has gained immense popularity for its natural texture, durability, and ease of care, making it suitable for both linen cushion lovers and practical homemakers. For outdoor enthusiasts, the best outdoor cushion is one made of high-performance fabric designed to resist moisture and UV rays, keeping your outdoor lounge looking fabulous season after season. Additionally, covers made with upcycled truck canvas do well outdoors as long as they’re not permanently left under the elements.

For a decadent touch, velvet is unparalleled in softness and luxury, making it a favourite for adding a sophisticated flair to any interior space. In contrast, for those seeking a more artisanal touch, patterned or geometric designs can add that bespoke feel to your home.

Incorporating these decorative elements into your home is not just about adding extra seating; it's about expressing your personal style.

How to Set Cushions on a Couch?

Setting cushions on your couch can transform the style of your room and make it more comfortable. First, consider the size of your couch and the number of cushions that would fit without overcrowding.

When arranging, start with the larger ones at the back, layering down in size to create depth.

How to Set Cushions on a Bed?

Begin with the practical and supportive cushions at the back for reading or breakfast in bed and then move on to the smaller ones as decorations.

Size matters here: larger cushions form the foundation, followed by smaller, decorative ones. Remember to mix textures and patterns.

Combining a linen cushion with a cotton, canvas or waffle one creates visual interest and conveys a designer’s touch.

Heritage patterns with a pop of colour add personality. The trick is in the placement. Symmetry is key for a traditional look, but for a more modern style play with asymmetry.

What are the Different Types of Cushions?

Cushions come in various forms and serve multiple purposes, from the purely decorative to the ergonomically designed.

When shopping, you'll encounter options like the classic square cushion, the lumbar-supporting oblong cushion, and even the orthopaedic design, which is a strategic choice for those with specific needs.

For outdoor lovers, outdoor cushions are made to endure the elements, offering both style and functionality. And for the environmentally conscious, our Pony Rider cushions made from sustainable materials align with your values.

What are Different Types of Cushion Materials?

The material directly impacts its feel, look, and longevity. 

Linen is popular for its breathability and relaxed appearance, fitting for a laid-back living space or sunroom. For a touch of opulence, velvet has traditionally offered colours that can make any space feel more luxurious. Canvas and cotton on the other hand are used for a fun and timeless style. However linen and linen blends are also preferred for how soft they feel against the skin.

In outdoor settings, materials are engineered for durability. Sunbrella fabric, for example, can withstand sun exposure without fading, making it an excellent option for outdoor cushions.