New Yorker Tan Bed Blanket

Making Your Guest Room an Oasis

It's guesting season, people. Whether you're zhuzhing up your place for the extended fam or updating your stay for the peak summer season, here's how to create that Joshua-tree-meets-earthy-coastal escape with a few key pieces from our new Sundance collection.

Add print on print

We don't make the rules (or follow them, oops), but one thing we do know is prints on prints work when you've got tones and vibes in common. Take the United Commune and Mountain Cushion. They are earthy in tone and tribalesque in print, and look how nice they play together! Add another plain cushion (Barebones in Light Dark Safari, perhaps), and you've got yourself the perfect bed trio.

Pony Rider guest room styling

Use a statement blanket

It's all about the bed. Whether it's your own or your staying over, how dreamy the bed looks and feels defines the room. Also, how comfy, but we can't help you with the mattress! Block colour your duvet and pillows. Think our earthy Organic Canvas Duvet in Toffee Brown or Sundance, add a cushion stack with prints and a big plain Highlander and top it off with a printed bed blanket to play off the block-coloured foundations. What dusty desert dreams are made of. No outlaw complaints here.

Pony Rider guest room styling Pony Rider guest room styling

Hang up your throws

Don't put them in the cupboard! Use your throws as features on a hat rack when they're not getting thrown on beds, chairs and couches. They add softness, catch the eye and offer an extra layer at arm's reach if summer isn't quite what we signed up for. Our United Commune Throw, Mountain Throw and Azteca Throw work like a dream hanging side by side.

Pony Rider guest room styling Pony Rider guest room styling Pony Rider guest room styling

Create a nook

Even if it's a chair in the corner of the room - dress it up. Add a stack of cushions to make it an obvious destination for lounging or your father-in-law catching flies this Christmas. Our graphic Squeeze You Cushion sitting against our Highlander in Duffle Green makes a statement while still keeping things easy breezy.

Pony Rider guest room styling