Creative Folk - PR Creative Director Kelly Searl

Creative Folk - PR Creative Director Kelly Searl

We sat down and asked our Creative Director what makes a space great in her eyes. She waved her hands and said, “You know, you just place things you love into your home, and it works”. We all know that's not true...

 Kelly Searl black living room

We sat down and asked our Design Director what makes a space great in her eyes. She waved her hand and said, “You know, you just place things you love into your home, and it works” Well, I can tell you now, when I throw my favourite things into a space together, it looks like my boys had a wrestling match and someone vomited my Nan’s hand crotched doily that I framed onto the wall because “you know, I wave my hand, and it works”… NOT!

When I explained this and asked Kelly again in more detail about the process, she revealed some handy tips and a little info about why she loves the things she loves and how she makes work and family balance with her creative flair.

What’s the most important room for you in your house and why?

Oh, it has to be the fireplace room. Nothing says hang time to me more than sitting by the fire with a glass of red, although lately, we’ve been on detox, so a cup of tea and Yahtzee dice game… my daughter snags me every time.

I’ve noticed you painted your favourite room dark? Is it a bold move? What inspired the tone?

Yes, that err, was a mistake I made a few years ago. I wanted it to be dark green. However, I gave the painter the wrong colour name. Whoops! Luckily it still works, but green would be better! It’s still my favourite room because of the function it plays. I am a winter person. Mountains and fireplaces.

Why didn’t you change it?

Well, I couldn’t confess to my hubby I got it wrong, and I’m pretty cruisy with stuff like that. I just make it work. It’s still fun, and it’s about the fire anyways.

Is there anything else you love about that room?

Yes, the artwork, for sure. I think it’s essential to buy artwork that inspires you or reminds you of a time and place in your life. They are like chapters on the wall, reminding me of a time in my life, and I love that. I suppose the same as a family photo.

 Kitchen and Kelly Searl in reading chair

Wall of hats

Favourite hat and textured bathroom

Wanderful cushions and leather couch

You said you like to play Yahtzee? Is that a regular event at your house?

Yes for sure. Board games and anything that keeps us off devices and other crap that stops you interacting with each other is gold. I think that's why I like camping so much.

Pony Rider has a strong camp vibe, what's that all about?

Ahhh you see I blame my mum for that. She was a true inspiration to me growing up.

Arkayla at Scouts every Friday night then once a year off to Jamboree. She taught the kids how to camp, light a fire and make epic fences out of rope. She taught me resilience and all sorts of ideas that women can do anything. She would never know it but she is pretty clever.

What's your hot tip for making things work?

Ok truthfully it is a combination of all things, I think the best is to start with a general theme. Whether it's colour, style or era? I like 50's, 70's and American Indian style. I also like cabins and industrial aspects. I am a fan of strong contrasts but I also like an old building and original fittings. With this in mind, you can see that the house truly reflects me and works for our family.

But how do you build a room because each part of your house differs?

Yep, it's a little random. Ok, I work on each space as its own space, and some people work on an entire house as one space. That's cool if you like the one thing, but we like different things for us, so the house needed to reflect that. For example, Dylan's room is pink, old world and cosy, but mine is minimal, and I needed a clear space at night. No art to fog up my brain. You can see how you design a room for people's personality needs. It's not just about how it looks. When you conquer that, you get a true home, and that's the feeling people talk about.

What's your favourite object or thing in your house?

Ohhhh has to be my Hawaiin cowboy hat or any hat for that matter. We have a family obsession with hats, and hats are like undies in this house. They get changed daily.

My other favourite object is the trinkets that we buy on our travels. My last adventure was to NZ, and I found a family of 4 ducks….. it reminded me of us. They had beautiful colours- they are the things that make your home a home, well, to me anyway.


stairs with writing and cushions with captions

pale pink bedroom and studio

sunny window daybed

Leather lounge and Pony Rider cushions

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