A Native Feast

A Native Feast

Huge discussions were had in the office this festive season about whose cooking what. One thing led to another, and we landed on native ingredients and our lack of awareness over how to cook with them and integrate them into our already-known favourite dishes. So we called up our most clever friend and food stylist Jane Collins and our talented mates from Bush to Bowl (who grow native produce) and made a menu that was fun, easy and bloody tasty.
Pony Rider A Native Feast

The Kickoff

We tasked Jane with making some starters that were fun and interactive - nothing better than giving your guests something fun to do on arrival. It sets a really light and fun mood. Jane can fill you in on the details in the menu plan but trust us, making bread on a stick is easier than you think! Pair it with an Aussie classic, prawns on the bbq. However, these are not just any prawns with their smothering of delicious native Kunzea, butter and slight honey-style flavoured sauce.

Pony Rider A Native Feast Pony Rider A Native Feast

Cooking Fireside

Using the fire does add a heap of extra flavour to your dishes. Hasselback Salmon is a great main and quick to cook; slicing it in a Hasselback form means the flavour can drizzle right to the core. Using Australian wild salmon as the main means less time spent cooking and more time spent having fun.

Table Settings

Dressing your table is a great way to stage your meal. We kept it super low-key this year, grabbing some natives from the garden and layering the table with gums and the classic dinner candles - a little sparkle goes a long way. We also love how the foliage adds drama to the food when placed over the top.

Our National Project enamel is an easy camp-style dinner service that even the kids can use and get messy on - not to mention creates a great talking point around the table on supporting the National Parks - definitely not a banned dinner table topic.

Pony Rider A Native Feast Pony Rider A Native Feast

Setting the Scene

Our favourite festive tree is a must-have each year. It's the quickest way to throw a tree up without pulling one down. Pin some fairy lights onto the tree, and you have a simple yet creative, carefree setup.

Pony Rider A Native Feast

The Side Hero

Now, who doesn't love a spud or three - this season Jane added her favourite Kuzea herb to the mix for that extra zing - YUM!

The Native Sarspariila cocktail is an excellent addition to complement all the amazing flavours. Fun fact, if you boil Sarsparilla leaves, you will get slightly pinkish-toned water, and it's found all around us in our National Parks - so go forth and forage.

And what's a meal without the staple warrigal greens, essentially a cooked spinach substitute and so tasty.

Pony Rider A Native Feast Pony Rider A Native Feast Pony Rider A Native Feast Pony Rider A Native Feast

The End of the Road

Nothing says festive food more than a touch of red; using native raspberries as a local substitute is a great Aussie twist, and they are just as delightful but just that little more beautiful on this burnt basque cheesecake. The best part about it, apart from the flavour, is you can make it before your guests arrive. The prep can be done earlier, so there is no need to miss out on the fun.

Pony Rider A Native Feast

We are always so grateful for all who join us on our ride, and this is a small way of us giving back and saying thanks.

Merry Christmas to all, and a special thanks to Jane Collins for your menu masterpiece and food styling, and a huge thanks to the boys from Bush to Bowl; as always, we love learning from you guys.

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